I Tried Coconut Oil For Everything So You Don’t Have To

A few weeks ago, I ran out of everything. My face lotion, fav chapstick, shaving cream and expensive conditioner all needed to be replaced. It was the perfect storm of toiletries. After already putting everything in my Target cart, I suddenly became super pissed off by how much this would cost me. Why should I drop $40 when I can buy one thing that does the trick, and supposedly does it even better? On a newfound mission, I abandoned my cart, grabbed some organic Coconut Oil for under 10 bucks, and started my beauty experiment.


Shaving Cream

hate shaving. I either half-ass it or don’t even bother to at all. But, for the sake of science and silky smooth legs, I decided to try Coco Oil as shaving cream since people rave about it. However, on account of my legs resembling a newborn Sasquatch and using a shitty disposable razor, the oil-and-hair mixture kept clogging my razor and took up too much time so I gave up after one leg. Whatever, it’s winter. While my right leg still has enough hair to make wigs for a small family, my left leg is hairless, super soft and hydrated AF. No need to lotion, which is a bonus because if there’s one thing I hate more than shaving, it’s lotioning. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
The verdict: If you have a quality razor, this will probably change your life.

Healthy Popcorn

This might be my favorite way to use Coco Oil, mainly because making stovetop popcorn is FUN. Season it with Himalayan Pink Salt for ultimate satisfaction. It’s literally 10x better than any popcorn you’ve ever had before, I promise.
The verdict: So good you won’t want to share, so make enough for two!giphy2


Face and Body Lotion

I lied about the popcorn. This is definitely my favorite way to use Coco Oil. I’ve got acne-prone combination skin that’s sensitive, scarred, and has a mind of its own. I’ve tried everything, from Epiduo (super drying but super effective) to going dairy free. According to ~science~ (aka the Internet), Coco Oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, so it kills bacteria and fades scarring/redness. At first the thought of adding oil to my already oily skin sketched me tf out, but it’s a game changer. After just one month, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my face and wallet. As for the rest of my body, I put Coco Oil on my chest and upper arms and it got rid of those annoying little red bumps. It soothes my skin so much that I don’t get any irritation, even after dry shaving. My pits and naughty bits have zero ingrown hairs. In other words, I am flawless.
The verdict: THIS SHIT IS MAGIC.

Makeup Remover

Things got really messy, and a little bit terrifying, but nevertheless I will be using Coco Oil as my go-to makeup remover. It got off every last bit of makeup and didn’t irritate my eyes, even when I was rocking waterproof mascara and glitter eyeliner. Gentle, effective, economical, no-brainer.
The verdict: Throw out your CVS wipes immediately and use this instead.



This works, but I wasn’t amazed. While the Coco Oil did make my lips look glossy and kissable AF, I found myself having to reapply a lot. In this instance, I’m not in love with the Coco.
The verdict: Meh.



Cooking with Coco Oil is dope because it has some major health benefits such as improved brain function and weight loss, and has a high smoke point. That means you can cook those chicken tenders on high without any smoke or splatter. And don’t worry, your food won’t taste coconutty.
The verdict: Don’t throw out your EVOO, but definitely keep some Coco Oil handy.



No thanks. I might’ve looked shiny, but that’s only because I literally had oil on my face (and you could tell).
The verdict: I’ll stick to my BECCA.


Cuticle Saver

I refuse to get my nails done regularly (mainly because I can’t afford to) so I end up giving myself manicures about once a week or so. After discovering this lifehack, there’s literally no need to ever pay for a mani again.
The verdict: My cutes are cute.


Hair Conditioner

Ahhhh, Coco Oil as conditioner. I’ve read all about it. I’ve seen the Before & After pictures. I thought this would be my time to shine (hair pun). Much to my dismay, this DIY did not work for me at all. The first time I tried it, I must’ve used too much because I looked like I hadn’t showered in weeks the second I got out of the tub. I don’t wash my hair everyday but I absolutely had to wash it the next morning because I looked like I had bathed in oil… because I did bathe in oil. Yikes. I tried it again and used significantly less, but my hair just came out okay. Totally not worth the hype. While it’s not my fav conditioner, Coco Oil works great as a detangler but only if you use it sparingly and do not apply directly onto your scalp. Otherwise, it’s back to the shower for you.
The verdict: I am disillusioned. I look dirty. I do not recommend.giphy4


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