The Activist’s Guide to Staying Sane in the Trump Era

It’s been just a few weeks since Donald J. Drumpf took office and already people are being stripped of their rights, Facebook has turned into a public forum from Parks and Recand protests are occurring on every single continent. It’s a lot to process, especially for those combatting the chaos. Here are some ways to stay sane, fellow activists. We’re just getting started.


For every news account, follow a fluff account
There is no better way to offset reading eight different versions of the same disheartening and infuriating headline than creeping Carrie Dragshaw on Insta or learning how to make a waffle grilled cheese. Balance.

Find a creative outlet
Cooking, poetry, yoga, calligraphy, watching Bob Ross until you lose all sense of time… Find what gets your juices flowin’ and run with it.

Follow more activists
Go follow Elizabeth Plank, DeRay Mckesson, Kamala Harris, BERNIE, and Shaun King right now.

People (aka white people) keep telling me to “Calm down” when I express my concerns about the current political climate. But when the government has no regard for the lives- let alone feelings!- of millions of people, I can’t calm down. I won’t calm down. The GOP doesn’t care if they piss me off, so I am going to be pissed and stay pissed. And you should too! Never let anyone tell you what to feel or how to express yourself.

Block the trolls
There is literally no reason to ever engage with a troll. They’re annoying, vile, and pathetic. Block those motherf*ckers.

Buy a lot of resistance swag
Follow Trump’s dress code and “dress like a woman.” … A nasty woman.

For each 77/100 shirt, $5 will go to The National Organization for Women. Buy yours here.

Limit your news intake
Treat your online news like cable news: check it once in the morning, once in the evening, and once before bed. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Set up recurring monthly donations
I get it. You’re broke. I’m broke too. But a little bit of money goes a long way, especially if you donate small amounts monthly. Sign up so it’s automatic, that way it’s one less thing to think about. If you can spend $10 per month on a gym membership that you hardly use, you can spare another $10 for a charity that’s at risk.

Know your worth, and cut out people who don’t
You are wonderful and smart and brave and funny and badass and hot AF and passionate and shaping history and if a friend doesn’t support you or empower you or cheer you on or have your back, they are not a friend.

Realize it’s totally okay and sometimes necessary to pull a Ron Swanson and get off the grid for a while. But don’t go MIA for too long, the resistance needs you!giphy1

Protest, protest, protest (and bring a dope sign)!
Protesting is important, empowering, and effective. Making punny political signs is important, empowering, and effective. Need I say more?

Make a schedule for calling your senators
Set a realistic goal, find times that work for you, write them down, and stick to that schedule. Calling couldn’t be easier and it truly does work. If you’re timid, this article will tell you everything you need to know.  

Watch this every night and every morning
“We will shelter freaks and outcasts — those who have no hope. We will get past the lies. We will hunt monsters.”
Yes, we will.

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