An Unbiased View on Waist-Training

Think of some of the hottest celebs- or any celeb really. What do most of them have in common? Waist training. From the gym to their beds, these ladies are never far from their corsets. While getting that perfect Kardashian hourglass figure seems a little far-fetched for the everyday woman, waist training has definitely become a lasting trend. In the midst of researching, I was bombarded with numerous biased articles, some claiming waist training will forever damage your organs and others saying that they are perfectly healthy. So, which is it? Is waist training a trend that we should embrace or eradicate?



One of the undisputed pros of waist training is that they significantly improve posture because while you are wearing the cincher you have to sit straight. Uncomfortable? Prob. But these corsets do wonders for slouchers. You can even wear them underneath your clothes, shaping your bod without sacrificing your social life.

Waist trainers also aid in weight loss because you literally can’t stuff yourself while being stuffed into a corset. Most are made from spandex, so initially you will lose a lot of water weight. Essentially, they aim to train your waist by slimming down targeted areas without working out. But don’t get too excited- you won’t see the Kardashian results unless you make this an everyday habit and stay patient.

Lastly, and possibly the most important pro, is that waist trainers make women feel confident and sexy. If you have the motivation to wear these corsets every day and slowly add them into your daily regime, you will undeniably see results. For the woman who has always struggled with her stomach no matter how many hours spent at the gym or desserts passed on, is that such a bad thing?



First off, let’s keep in mind the ages of the celebs using waist trainers. Most of these women range from age the early 30s to late 40s. These are not 20-year-old college students who are still growing and maturing into their natural figure. Choosing to use a waist trainer is a life decision; do not rush it until your body has fully stopped growing and you’ve consulted a doctor. You’re becoming a woman, girl! Embrace it!

If you decide to start waist training, be careful which kind you get. You can get one off Amazon for less than $20, but these corsets are not to be trusted. In order to get results and not ruin your insides, you’re looking at spending roughly $80 on a trusted cincher.

While you may see results in your figure, waist training really isn’t the healthiest way to achieve that 36-24-36 goal. Listen to the professionals. Most agree that exercise and eating healthy is the best way to achieve safe and sustainable results, and some argue that waist training could potentially cause rib damage.



Let’s be honest: no matter how many cons we hear, we are still going to do what we have to do in order to feel confident and sexy. In a society where images of Kylie’s hips are shoved down our throats, it is no wonder women of all shapes and sizes feel dissatisfied when they look in a mirror. At the end of the day, if waist training is something you want to try, make sure you take baby-steps and integrate it into your life in as healthy of a way as possible. But bear in mind, these curvaceous celebrities have endless amounts of money and professionals to help them achieve their figures. You will not wake up one morning and have the body of Marilyn Monroe. You are born with the body you got, so learn to love it and make the best of it!



This article was modified on Oct. 6th. The original was posted here.

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  1. I recently just ordered a waist trainer, I had to do massive amount of research before convincing myself it might be worth a shot. I am going to be blogging about it soon. I am keeping a journal of my “Waist Training Journey.” My coworker is convinced she lost four inches around her waist in the first month. Let’s see how this really works! Great writing by the way!
    Loved reading this so much!


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