42 College Guys Get Real About Feminism

I anonymously polled college guys to see what feminism means to them. These are their unedited answers.


“Feminism is equality.”

“Belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunity.”

“Girls all define it differently so I have no clue.”

“Treating all people equally and fairly.”


“Ensuring that women around the world are afforded the same opportunities as men to live happy, safe and free lives.”

“Cry babies.”


“Equality for all women and men, yet wanting to be above or set out differently from men. So not equality I guess? Just to be viewed as the better gender (which does not exist).”

“Supporting all genders.”

“Equal rights for both men and women.”

“That women should not receive categorically different treatment than men based on differences in gender at any level of society.”

“Equality among all people. That’s it.”

“angry women yelling.”


“Activism for gender equality.”

“A group of women fighting for superiority when they should be fighting for equality.”

“Equality that sometimes becomes a little ‘too equal.’”

“Not much.”

“Female empowerment.”

“It has become a negative word, but all it means is equality!”

“Feminism means feeling that men and women should be treated equally in every aspect of life, such as payment or respect.”



“Feminism is not a term that only defines women for a movement. It is simply the belief in equality for genders. It’s not derogatory, it’s just a term for a belief.”

“Historical movement for women’s rights.”

“Feminism is a movement that seeks to eliminate the inequality between men and women in the social, political, and economic arenas.”


“Being fair.”

“A movement that has devolved into rape culture, slut walks, and the need for safe spaces.”


“something something something.”

“What was first a noble cause has now turned into a joke due to extreme ones generally being triggered psychopaths.”

“Girls being able to do everything guys can/having equal power, rights.”

“Equal rights and opportunity for all genders.”

“Feminism is stopping unfair discrimination against women.”

“Women think they are discriminated against. Due to this they publicize issues. Meanwhile men are descriminated against just as much as women.”

“feminist are annoying.”


“Addressing inequalities between the genders.”

“Treating women as humans.”

“Women want to rule.”

“Equality among all people.”






While some answers are supportive and others will make you salty, all are important answers that highlight the stigma and confusion regarding the feminist movement. Something as simple as a conversation can create change, so it’s time to get talking.



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